• Operating frequency range 100 MHz to 500 GHz
  • Solid, pyramidal-shaped, carbon-loaded, urethane-foam RF absorbers
  • Certified to all fire-retardancy and environmental specifications
  • REACH- and RoHS-compliant
  • Excellent power-handling capability
  • Available in lengths of 2″ to 45″

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RF absorber is the preferred solution for microwave test ranges including antenna measurement, anechoic chamber linings of Far-field, Near-field and Compact Antenna Test Ranges, EMI Testing Ranges, Rader Cross Section (RCS) facilities, Electronic Warfare (EW) test ranges and wireless Over-The-Air (OTA) measurement systems.

Our premium WAVASORB VHP RF absorber ensures a consistent and repeatable test volume within your chamber, shielded room, enclosure or space. It offers optimum reflectivity and absorption properties and is well suited for use in all regions of anechoic chambers or alternative testing volumes. Excellent performance for many applications including 5G, IoT, mmWave and many other RF testing scenarios.

With many lengths available, from 2″ all the way up to 45″, the WAVASORB pyramidal absorber series allows for selection of the optimum reflectivity/attenuation characteristic in your required frequency range from 100MHz up to 500 GHz.

WAVASORB VHP is also the the preferred solution for various floor configurations to comply with all EMC standards.

  • WAVASORB VHP RF absorber is a series of solid, pyramidal-shaped, carbon-loaded, urethane-foam absorbers.
  • Premium performance in the operating frequency range from 100 MHz to 500 GHz, obtained by optimization of the geometry of any individual absorber.
  • Certified to all fire-retardancy and environmental specifications by containing an advanced chemical composition.
  • Excellent power-handling capability assured under continuous wave exposure.
  • REACH- and RoHS-compliant, maintaining a healthy environment for operation.
  • Designed and quality controlled using commercial and original simulating and test techniques.

Minimum order size of 1 box (number of pieces varies with absorber size), and we regularly ship containers of RF and microwave absorber for larger installations.

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RF Absorber Performance Characteristics