Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISNs) play a pivotal role in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, a critical process for ensuring that electronic devices operate as intended without interfering with each other’s functioning.

LISNs are specialized devices designed to simulate a consistent network impedance, a necessary condition for accurate measurement of conducted emissions. These emissions, if excessive, could lead to devices behaving unpredictably or even failing to comply with regulatory standards.

By providing a stable impedance, LISNs enable the precise and repeatable measurement of electromagnetic interference (EMI) emitted by electronic devices, ensuring they meet international EMC standards. This makes LISNs an indispensable tool in the development and testing phases of electronic product design, particularly in industries where reliability and compliance are non-negotiable.

Whether you are conducting pre-compliance testing to identify potential issues early in the design process or performing full compliance testing for regulatory approval, having the right LISN as part of your testing setup is crucial.

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Choose from an expanding range of cost effective LISNs (Line Impedance Stabilization Networks).

Now with models capable of supplying 8A to 100A and AC/DC products for FCC, CISPR and many other conducted emissions measurement applications.

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