Antenna Measurement (OTA) Chambers

Customized antenna/microwave chambers to address the following applications:

  • NF/FF antenna measurements
  • Compact ranges
  • Satellite antenna testing
  • OTA testing
  • RFID testing
  • RCS testing (radar cross-section)
  • Radome testing

Our antenna measurement chambers can be designed for frequencies extending from 70 MHz to 110 GHz, customized to your requirements.

Our chamber offerings include the following:

  • Full metal shielding (not wood core) to offer the highest shielding performance and durability
  • Very high quality absorbers of the required specifications supplied by our fully owned subsidiary Emerson & Cuming
  • The highest quality doors with the leading shielding effectiveness performance (e.g. 100 dB up to 40 GHz)
  • Power and signal feed-through filtering customized to your requirements
  • Ultra-low EMI fixtures including LED lighting, CCTV and positioning systems
  • Partnership with Rohde & Schwarz for full automated antenna measurement solutions including OTA

Multipurpose Antenna Measurement Chamber

We typically customize to individual applications, but do offer the following standard configurations as reference.

Standard Antenna Measurement Chamber