RF Shielded Rooms

Our RF shielded rooms provide electromagnetic noise free areas for your application.


  • Modular design for quick and effective assembly
  • Very high electric and magnetic field shielding performance
  • Suitable for commercial, data center, military, security (TEMPEST), industrial and MRI applications

RF Shielded Rooms

As a manufacturer and installer of RF shielding, RF shielded rooms and anechoic chambers, Albatross Projects (AP) has the experience to complete shielding projects of any size.

RF noise free environments and RF noise containment are important for many applications including EMC / EMI testing, security, safety and regulatory compliance. With thousands of shielded rooms and anechoic chambers supplied globally to hospitals, government agencies, data centers, test labs and private organizations, you can be sure that we have the expertise and capabilities required.

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RF Shielding Applications

Our RF shielding is designed to cover electromagnetic radiation in the frequency ranges up to 40 GHz. We provide shielding solutions for the following applications:

Two millimeter thick, galvanized sheet steel has proven best suited for high performance shielding. Depending upon requirements, the shielding surface can be built either in modular prefabricated panels (pan type bolted shielding) or in the classical welded steel sheet panels (pan type welded shielding).

We utilize other materials and techniques when requested for special purposes such as architectural, copper, and textile shielding. The fully integrated system consists of several shielding components such as panels, doors, honeycombs, windows, access panels, electrical filters and a large range of shielding penetration elements for all kinds of media interface.

Many of these components require a ductile, stable, and long lasting RF-tight joint to the shielding itself. For this purpose we have developed a RF mesh capable of performing from several kHz to 40 GHz. Individual components were developed with the focus of achieving superb electromagnetic shielding performance with the understanding that the limit of effectiveness would be set by the weakest component.

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RF Shielding Brochure