Broadband Wedge EMI Absorber – WAVASORB WG

Wavesorb WG Datasheet

Broadband Wedge EMI Absorber – WAVASORB WG absorber has been primarily designed to be efficient for the special conditions required for the wave propagation down part of the tapered chamber. Here, the wave is propagating nearly parallel to the tapered walls. This is quite different from the energy propagating perpendicular to or at a significant angle to the wall. It has been shown that an effective absorber for this condition is one with the front surface comprised of an aggregate of parallel wedge-shaped rows. These rows are aligned parallel to the direction of propagation. The major benefit of the wedge absorbers compared to the pyramidal absorbers is the lower scattered field produced by the former.

WAVASORB WG is the preferred solution for the anechoic chamber lining of Far-field and specific areas in Compact Antenna Test Ranges and Rader Cross Section (RCS) facilities.

  • WAVASORB WG is a series of solid, wedge-shaped, carbon-loaded, urethane-foam absorbers.
  • Premium performance in the operating frequency range from 300 MHz to 110 GHz, obtained by optimization of the geometry of any individual absorber.
  • Certified to all fire-retardancy and environmental specifications by containing an advanced chemical composition.
  • Excellent power-handling capability assured under continuous wave exposure.
  • REACH- and RoHS-compliant, maintaining a healthy environment for operation.
  • Designed and quality controlled using commercial and original simulating and test techniques.