High Power Pyramidal EMC EMI Absorber – WAVASORB HFX/HFS

Wavesorb HFX/HFS Datasheet

High-Power Broadband Pyramidal EMC EMI Absorber – WAVASORB HFX/HFS is the preferred solution to partially or totally line areas in which a high-power density occurs in Near-field or Compact Antenna Test Ranges and facilities for satellite testing.

The honeycomb structure of WAVASORB HFX/HFS is made out of high fire-retardant materials, allowing ventilated air throughout the structure to withstand higher illuminating-power capacities.

  • WAVASORB HFX/HFS is a series of hollow, pyramidal-shaped absorbers for high- and medium-power applications.
  • Premium performance in the operating frequency range from 100 MHz to 500 GHz, obtained by optimization of the geometry of any individual absorber.
  • Certified to all fire-retardancy and environmental specifications by containing an advanced chemical composition.
  • Excellent power-handling capability assured under continuous wave exposure.
  • REACH- and RoHS-compliant, maintaining a healthy environment for operation.
  • Designed and quality controlled using commercial and original simulating and testing techniques.