Broadband Truncated Pyramidal EMC EMI Absorber – WAVASORB VX

Wavesorb VX Datasheet

Broadband Truncated Pyramidal EMC EMI Absorber – WAVASORB® VX offers excellent performance starting from 80 MHz with a reduced height and is optimal for use in chambers which have to comply with MIL-STD-462. WAVASORB® VX is preferred solution for the anechoic chamber lining of small chambers. It has excellent power handling capability to safely withstand an incident CW power density of up to 800 W/m².

  • WAVASORB® VX is a series of solid, truncated, pyramidal shaped, carbon-loaded urethane foam absorbers.
  • Premium performance in the operating frequency range from 80 MHz to 100 GHz, obtained by optimization.
  • Certified to all fire-retardancy and environmental specifications by containing an advanced chemical composition.
  • Excellent power-handling capability assured under continuous wave exposure.
  • REACH- and RoHS-compliant, maintaining a healthy environment for operation.
  • Designed and quality controlled using commercial and original simulating and test techniques.


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