Compact Radiated Immunity and Pre-Compliance Chamber

Compact chamber suitable for radiated immunity (susceptibility) and radiated emissions pre-compliance testing. Comes with turntable, full ferrite lining and specular absorber.

This is a wider than standard compact chamber which allows for larger EUTs.

Full coverage of ferrite tile (walls, ceiling AND floor), making the basis for a great fully-anechoic room.

As supplied, it can be used for radiated susceptibility testing and radiated emissions pre-compliance testing.

We can also supply and install brand new pyramidal foam absorber on top of the existing ferrite to upgrade this into a fantastic fully-anechoic pre-compliance chamber similar to the image below:

fully anechoic room chamber


  • Approx 24’x12’x11′
  • Full ferrite lining
  • Specular foam absorber
  • Turntable + controller
  • Power filters
  • Raised floor
  • Optional new additional absorber + white caps to achieve finish similar to image above
  • Optional mast