Used ETS Lindgren 3m Compliant Chamber

Well cared for fully-compliant 3 meter semi-anechoic chamber. Comes with NSA and SVSWR guarantee.

Currently disassembled in California, ready for immediate shipping and installation.

High performance ETS Lindgren 3 meter semi-anechoic chamber for full compliance testing.


  • Professionally disassembled in 2018 and placed in storage (located in California)
  • Outside dimensions (including support frame): 29’10″(L) x 21’9″ (W) x 20’6″ (H)
  • 12″ raised floor
  • Full lining with ferrite tile on the walls and ceiling
  • The foam absorber was re-used in a different chamber, so brand new specular coverage of absorber will be provided when re-assembled
  • Includes mast, turntable and controller
  • 1 shielded door
  • Power filters

Includes guarantee that the chamber will meet NSA and SVWSR to enable fully compliant testing.