Used ETS Lindgren 3m Compliant Chamber


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Well cared for fully-compliant 3 meter semi-anechoic chamber. Comes with NSA and SVSWR guarantee.

Currently disassembled in California, ready for immediate shipping and installation.

Note this chamber is no longer available. You can view our current inventory here, or contact us here with your requirements.

High performance ETS Lindgren 3 meter semi-anechoic chamber for full compliance testing.


  • Professionally disassembled in 2018 and placed in storage (located in California)
  • Outside dimensions (including support frame): 29’10″(L) x 21’9″ (W) x 20’6″ (H)
  • 12″ raised floor
  • Full lining with ferrite tile on the walls and ceiling
  • The foam absorber was re-used in a different chamber, so brand new specular coverage of absorber will be provided when re-assembled
  • Includes mast, turntable and controller
  • 1 shielded door
  • Power filters

Includes guarantee that the chamber will meet NSA and SVWSR to enable fully compliant testing.