Used Antenna Chamber for OTA and Antenna Characterization Testing


  • Pre-owned Rohde & Schwarz OTA Test System
  • Includes chamber, equipment rack and software
  • Installation included
  • 40 GHz signal analyzer
  • Dual antennas and positioner

Premium model antenna measurement chamber including Rohde & Schwarz TS8991 OTA performance test system, which provides fully automated CTIA-compliant OTA measurements. This system includes all required measurement instruments, anechoic chamber and measurement software to perform antenna pattern measurements.

The facility is in excellent condition, and was originally built in 2016/2017. It has been very lightly used.

Professionally disassembled and packaged, ready for dispatch from Boston, MA.

Antenna Chamber and OTA Measurement System Key Features

  • OTA testing for all major cellular and non-cellular technologies
  • Supporting 3GPP, CTIA and Wi-Fi Alliance (CWG) for all RATs
  • Can be combined with radiated spurious emission and EMC
  • Passive antenna measurements with near field to far field transform
  • 2-arm antenna positioner

Antenna Measurement Test Equipment

Included test equipment:

  • R&S FSV 40 GHz signal analyzer (Opt B3, B5, B9, B10, B24, B25, B29, K14, K54)
  • ZNB-8 4-port VNA (Opt ZNB-K2)
  • CMW500 (Options covering GSM, WCDMA, LTD, LTE MIMO4x2, WLAN and more),
  • NRP2 power meter
  • Apple computer with acquisition automation (EMC32) software
  • Maturo positioner controller
  • 4x26A power filter and 2x26A power filter

Antenna Chamber Dimensions

Outer Dimensions (L x W x H):

Approximate overall external antenna chamber dimensions of 16’1″ x 12’8″ x 12’0″


Relocation & Installation

We offer installation of this chamber within USA, Canada or Mexico. Full installation services provided.

If you would like to discuss this chamber with us, please email [email protected].