Used Semi-Anechoic Chamber


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Please note: this semi-anechoic chamber is now sold but we also offer equivalent new chambers. You can view the available models here.

Installed new in 2012 and professionally dismantled in 2018 – this package is in mint condition.

Used compact Panashield 1024 semi-anechoic chamber for sale.

EMC test equipment also for sale (see details below) for ESD, radiated immunity, EFT, surge and conducted immunity.

These economical compact chambers are a popular choice for manufacturers who want to make pre-compliance radiated emissions measurements and full-compliance radiated immunity testing in-house.

The chamber is designed to perform ANSI C63.4/CISPR 16-1-4 and IEC 61000-4-3 fully compliant radiated immunity measurements.

It is also used for pre-compliant radiated emissions measurements. Full NSA data available, showing accuracy of +/- 6dB.

Frequency ranges for this chamber are 26 MHz to 6 GHz (radiated immunity) and 30 MHz to 18 GHz (radiated emission).

See ‘Documentation’ tab for NSA survey data and construction drawings.

Package Contents

  • All Panabolt™ shielding panels, framing and fasteners for a complete self-supported enclosure
  • Full treatment of Ferrite Tile and HYB-NF-12 Absorber on the EUT end wall and specular patches on the side walls
  • Removable floor treatment (10’ x 11’) of ferrite panels for EN 61000-4-3
  • One (1) 4′ wide x 7′ high Single Leaf RCM Door with Phenolic Handle
  • Two (2) 12″ x 12″ Waveguide air vents with dielectric collars
  • Four (4) – 2-wire, 30 amp, power line filters for 50 Hz/60 Hz requirements
  • Six (6) 1’ by 1’ LED light panels with filtering.
  • One (1) 12″ x 12″ Brass Connector Panel
  • One (1) 1.0” waveguide pipe penetration
  • One (1) threaded brass ground stud
  • One WGF-6 Fiber Optic WG
  • Vinyl floor tile

Price does not include shipping or installation.

Chamber located in Texas.

If interested in this chamber, please contact me at [email protected] with any questions.

Additional EMC Test Equipment Available

All equipment was purchased new in 2012 and has been very lightly used (mint condition).

ManufacturerModelDescriptionPrice (USD)
Amplifier ResearchEM10123Injection Clamp 10 kHz-1 GHz including calibration fixture (For EN/IEC61000-4-6)Sold
Amplifier ResearchAF06250250W 6 dB attenuatorSold
Amplifier Research AF2005050W 20 dB attenuatorSold
Amplifier ResearchAF1005050W 10 dB attenuatorSold
Amplifier ResearchBP00250Current Probe 1kHz-250MHz (monitor probe)Sold
Agilent TechnologiesN9010ASpectrum Analyzer-EXA seriesSold
Amplifier ResearchSG1200Signal Generator 9 kHz-1.2 GHzSold
Amplifier ResearchPM2003Power Meter 10 kHz-40 GHzSold
Amplifier ResearchSC1000MRF Switch ControllerSold
Amplifier Research75A250AM1RF Amplifier-10kHz-250MHz, 75 Watts (For EN/IEC61000-4-6)Sold
Amplifier ResearchDC2600ADual Directional Coupler  10 kHz – 250 MHz, 600 WattSold
Amplifier ResearchPH2000RF Power HeadSold
Amplifier ResearchTL50050RF Load DC-18GHz, 50 WattsSold
Amplifier ResearchCD20032Coupling/Decoupling Network for 2 Supply Lines, 32 AmpSold
Amplifier ResearchCDN S9Coupling /Decoupling Network for 9 Screened CablesSold
Amplifier ResearchCD50032Coupling / Decoupling Network for 5 Supply Lines (3 Phase with Neutral and PE), 32 AmpSold
Amplifier ResearchCD40032Coupling / Decoupling Network for 4 Supply Lines (3 Phase with Neutral), 32 AmpSold
Amplifier ResearchCD30032Coupling / Decoupling Network for 3 Supply Lines, 32 AmpSold
Amplifier Research150W1000M3RF Amplifier-80MHz-1000MHz, 150 WattSold
Amplifier ResearchDC6080ADual Directional Coupler 80 – 1000 MHz, 500 WattSold
Amplifier ResearchFM7004RF Field MonitorSold
Amplifier ResearchFI7000Laser Probe InterfaceSold
Amplifier ResearchATR80M6GM4RF Immunity AntennaSold
Amplifier ResearchFL7006Laser Powered Field ProbeSold
Haefely Test AGPEFT4010EFT Generator including capacitive coupling clamp, 60dB/54dB verification attenuators (For EN/IEC61000-4-4)Sold
Haefely Test AGIP4ACapacitive Coupling Clamp
Haefely Test AGFP-EFT 32M3 Phase Coupling/Decoupling Network (CDN) for PEFT4010Sold
Haefely Test AGPSURGE4010Combination Wave Surge Generator (For EN/IEC61000-4-5)Sold
Haefely Test AGFP-Surge 32.13 Phase Coupling/Decoupling Network (CDN) for PSURGE4010Sold
Haefely Test AGONYX16ESD Simulator 16 kVSold

Normalized Site Attenuation (NSA) Survey Data

Construction Drawings