TekBox Linear Wideband RF Power Amplifier (TBLPA1)


The TBLPA1 linear wideband power amplifier is a general purpose RF amplifier for test and measurement applications. It has an output power capability of up to 1W and can be used in the frequency range from 10 MHz to 1 GHz and with reduced output power capability even beyond.


Input / Output: 50 Ohm, N female
Supply Voltage range: 110 V…240 V
Supply power consumption: 15 W
Operating temperature range: -20°C to 60°C
Frequency range: 50 MHz – 1 GHz, (3MHz – 1.3GHz with reduced output power capability)
Gain: 36dB typ., see table 1 for details
1dB output compression point @ 10MHz: +29.5 dBm typ.
1dB output compression point @ 100 MHz: +30.9 dBm typ.
1dB output compression point @ 500 MHz: +31.3 dBm typ.
1dB output compression point @ 1 GHz: +28.7 dBm typ.
Noise figure: 2.5 dB typ.
2nd harmonic, 50MHz, Pout=30dBm: < – 50 dBc typ
2nd harmonic, 200MHz, Pout=30dBm: < – 40 dBc typ
3rd harmonic, 50MHz, Pout=30dBm: < – 30 dBc typ
3rd harmonic, 200MHz, Pout=30dBm: < – 25 dBc typ
Total harmonic distortion: 
0.85% @200MHz, Pout=27dBm typ.
1.13% @200MHz, Pout=28dBm typ.
2.33% @200MHz, Pout=29dBm typ.
5.6% @200MHz, Pout=30dBm typ.
Third order intercept point:
+50dBm, @200MHz, ∆ f = 200kHz typ.
Input return loss: 
50 MHz: 11dB typ.
800 MHz: 16dB typ.
Output VSWR:
50 MHz: 2.1:1
800 MHz: 1.4:1
Maximum ratings:
Maximum input power: +5 dBm
The output of the TBLPA1 is quite tolerant to output mismatch, however open or shorted load is not recommended, potentially can cause damage.

Small Signal Gain (measured with Pin = – 20 dBm):

3 MHz5 MHz10 MHz25 MHz50 MHz100 MHz200 MHz300 MHz400 MHz
16 dB34 dB43 dB42 dB41 dB40dB39 dB38.5 dB38.3 dB


500 MHz600 MHz700 MHz800 MHz900 MHz1 GHz1.1 GHz1.2 GHz1.3 GHz
38 dB37.8 dB37 dB35.4 dB36.5 dB36.2 dB35.5 dB33.7 dB32.1 dB


  • General-purpose power amplifier

TBLPA1 Manual

Weight3.7 kg
Dimensions35 × 31 × 22 cm
Frequency Range

3MHz – 1.3GHz, 50 MHz – 1 GHz

Gain (dB) [Typ]