Large Used GTEM – EMCO 5311 With EMC Test Equipment


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Large used GTEM for sale including EMC test equipment allowing manufacturers to perform radiated emissions, radiated immunity and conducted emissions testing.

Large GTEM (EMC 5311) with supporting test equipment offers manufacturers a compact and efficient method to undertake in-house radiated emissions and radiated immunity pre-compliance testing.

GTEM measurements correlate well to those made in an anechoic chamber or an open area test site (OATS).

The EMCO 5311 GTEM supports a recommended maximum EUT size of 73cm x 73cm x 73cm (emissions) and 55cm x 82cm x 44cm (immunity).

Included equipment:

Radiated Emissions:

  • EMCO 5311 GTEM
  • Boss manipulator + controller
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Computer with software

Conducted Emissions:

  • LISN (EMCO 3810/2) 9 kHz – 30 MHz 10A
  • Computer with software

Radiated Immunity:

  • Signal generator (HP 8657A) 100 kHz – 1 GHz
  • Ophir amplifier (5039) 20W 20 MHz – 1 GHz

Conducted Immunity:

  • Amplifier Research amp (75W250) 75W 10 kHz – 250 MHz
  • BCI probe (Solar Electronics 9144-1N) 100A 200 kHz – 100 MHz


  • Comb generator/Reference source
  • Isotropic field probe


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