Pre-Owned 5m EMC Chamber


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Large compliant 5m EMC chamber. Has current NSA and VSWR certifications. More details to follow.

Pre-owned semi-anechoic chamber with approximate exterior dimensions of 38ft (L) x 24ft (W) x 20ft (H).

Included package supplied as follows:

  • Semi-anechoic chamber – original manufacturer: Braden Shielding.
  • Currently has NSA and VSWR certifications
  • Ferrite tile: full lining on walls and ceiling
  • Microwave absorber: large specular treatment
  • Control room (8’x8’x8’)
  • 2m Sunol turntable with controller
  • Power filters (TBD)
  • Double doors (6’x8’)
  • Assembly at your location

Located in the US. Disassembly scheduled for May 2020.

More details to follow.