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New ‘EMC Testing Beginner’s Guide’ Chapter – EMC Books, Resources & Online Training

This is the 8th and final chapter in the “EMC Testing Beginner’s Guide“. In this chapter, we’ll take a look at some free and paid resources available to take the next step on your path to mastering EMC. It breaks down some suggestions of further educational resources (books, app notes and online courses) that you can…

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New EMC Test Equipment Store (With Free Tutorials)

I’m excited to announce the opening of our new EMC test equipment online store! Rather than adding to the million other test equipment stores out there, the intention for the EMC FastPass test equipment store is to offer free video tutorials about not only how to use each piece of equipment, but also how to troubleshoot and…

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PCB Cost Reduction and EMC – A Cautionary Tale

Published with permission from Flame Boss, a manufacturer of aftermarket meat smoking controllers. In this case study, we’re gonna walk through some of the dangers of cost reducing your circuit board in terms of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance. The subject is a 4 layer design that originally passed EMC testing which was then reduced to a 2…

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Anechoic Chamber Removal – Huge 10m ETS Lindgren Chamber

Semi anechoic chamber ETS lindgren removal disassembly relocation

I recently branched out and bought two separate anechoic chambers (one 5m and one 10m). Here’s a video of us improvising a bit with scissor lifts to take down the 35 ft, >1 ton posts that support the chamber. I’ll be following up shortly with a couple of blog posts on anechoic chambers in general…

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