SCANPHONE 3D EMI Scanner (Augmented Reality)

Use the Scanphone’s cutting edge technology for:

  • Rapid EMC/EMI troubleshooting
  • Visualization of emissions from circuit boards
  • Produce 3d graphics of EMI for team/management collaboration
  • Check for RF leakage from joints and gaskets
  • Verify shielding effectiveness of enclosures
  • Evaluate and compare emissions performance of components

The ScanPhone combines an Android Smartphone (included) running the Luxondes 2D/3D Viewer Application with a signal processing interface and interchangeable sensors.

Luxondes scanphone demo



Choose from several sensors. Custom sensors can be manufactured upon request.


chart of near field probe ranges for scanphone scanner

ScanPhone allows for connection of a low-cost spectrum analyzer to extend the functionality. With a compatible spectrum analyzer connected and set to ‘zero span’ mode, it is possible to set the bandwidth of the measurement. This allows for rapid EMI troubleshooting of specific narrow-band emissions in a system where there may be multiple emissions.



Visualize EM fields in 3d with smartphone



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