Used MIMO OTA Test System (ETS Lindgren AMS-8700)


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Used ETS Lindgren MIMO OTA test system for sale. Take this rare opportunity to get an OTA chamber for less than 50% of new cost.

Model: AMS-8700

Includes option AMS-8900 High Speed APM (vertical antenna)

See the anechoic chamber guide for background information.

ETS-Lindgren’s MIMO OTA Test Systems offer repeatable measurement of radiated performance of wireless devices in a simulated multi-path environment.

The system acts as an RF environment simulator that can generate spatial field structures similar to those seen in a wide range of real-world scenarios. Standard conducted channel models can be adapted to equivalent radiated spatial channel models for evaluation of the entire device signal chain, including antennas, device platform, and near field phantom (head, hands, etc.) impact on device performance.

The simulated environment is suitable for evaluation of downlink MIMO performance for wireless technologies such as LTE and 802.11n Wi-Fi as well as receive diversity performance of existing wireless technologies per CTIA Test Plan for 2×2 Downlink MIMO and transmit Diversity Over-the-Air Performance Version 1.0.

See manufacturers website for full specifications and details.

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Chamber located in California.

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