New ‘EMC Testing Beginner’s Guide’ Chapter – EMC Books, Resources & Online Training

This is the 8th and final chapter in the “EMC Testing Beginner’s Guide“.

In this chapter, we’ll take a look at some free and paid resources available to take the next step on your path to mastering EMC. It breaks down some suggestions of further educational resources (books, app notes and online courses) that you can pick and choose from based on your own needs and finances.

Here’s what the chapter covers:

  • Areas of EMC to master
  • Why ‘learn and burn’ doesn’t work
  • David vs. Goliath (Enterprise vs. Startups) and the uneven EMC playing field
  • Links to 70+ useful free EMC related app notes
  • My top 5 recommended EMC textbooks
  • List of online EMC resources and publications
  • Example online course learning path for electronic engineers

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