Be Careful Which FCC EMC/RF Test Lab You Choose – The Rules Just Changed

[Feature image of semi-anechoic chamber courtesy of QAI EMC testing lab Vancouver] Unknown to many electronics manufacturers, but discussed a lot in test lab circles, is a seemingly small change in the FCC’s rules that is sure to have a large impact on the testing industry. These changes are especially relevant to companies who’s products fall under…

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RF Modules – Pre-certified vs. Non-Certified and How to Design Your Own

RF Modules

If you need to design an RF transmitter into your product, the choice between using a pre-certified RF module, non-certified RF module or designing your own transmitter from scratch is not easy. In this post, I want to persuade you that if you design multiple products containing similar RF transmitters, designing and certifying your own RF module is one…

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Is a Design Change Without A Re-Test Too Risky?

The frustrating question often came up when I was designing electronic products whether a minor hardware change to an already tested product would mean we’d have to go through EMC testing all over again. I could never find a concise answer on the net, and the test lab never seemed to give us the full story. We didn’t…

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