CE Mark Guide for Electronic Hardware Products

Homologation Conformance Compliance CE Marking How to

I’ve been asked a lot recently by several hardware manufacturers to help them through the process of getting the CE Mark or to help to cost reduce the process. This article is a guide for hardware manufacturers (NOT importers or distributors!) who want to do all the right things to legally get their product into…

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Medical Device Global Compliance Overview

medical compliance emc testing 60601-1-2

This is an excerpt from my “Global Certifications for Makers & Hardware Startups” eBook. It was contributed by Dr. Vincent Crabree of Starfish Medical, a highly regarded medical device design consultancy. In almost all jurisdictions around the world, the development and sale of medical devices is controlled by some combination of laws, regulations and standards.  All…

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Electronic Product Certifications – The Moon’s Eye View

EMC RF wireless safety certifications testing

With the emergence of crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter coupled with the explosive growth of easy to use hardware development platforms like Arduino™, a new wave of electronic products is being unleashed around the world by creative enthusiasts who may otherwise be relegated to garage tinkering. For these makers and hardware startups, the road to…

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Be Careful Which FCC EMC/RF Test Lab You Choose – The Rules Just Changed

[Feature image of semi-anechoic chamber courtesy of QAI EMC testing lab Vancouver] Unknown to many electronics manufacturers, but discussed a lot in test lab circles, is a seemingly small change in the FCC’s rules that is sure to have a large impact on the testing industry. These changes are especially relevant to companies who’s products fall under…

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