PCB Cost Reduction and EMC – A Cautionary Tale

Published with permission from Flame Boss, a manufacturer of aftermarket meat smoking controllers. In this case study, we’re gonna walk through some of the dangers of cost reducing your circuit board in terms of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance. The subject is a 4 layer design that originally passed EMC testing which was then reduced to a 2…

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The top EMC Failures and Tips from 5 EMC Consultants

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Do you ever wonder what the most common EMC failures are so that you can (hopefully) avoid them? Well I do, so I brought together 5 EMC consultants who work hands on with EMC troubleshooting to see what their experiences have been. I asked them to outline what the one or two most common EMC…

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Radiated Emissions Case Study – Isolated DC-DC Converter Solution

An EMC FastPass reader reached out to me to share a paper that they had recently written that outlines a solution they found to a radiated emissions problem. They were kind enough to let me reproduce the paper on this blog so that EMC FastPass readers could also benefit from the information. That got me to thinking…

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