How to Do an EMC Design Review

What is an EMC Design Review? Most hardware engineers are used to doing functional design reviews on their circuit boards and systems before pressing the ‘go’ button for manufacturing. In the engineering teams I’ve worked with, that type of design review has usually taken the form of standing around a board room table with a red pen and…

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RF Modules – Pre-certified vs. Non-Certified and How to Design Your Own

RF Modules

If you need to design an RF transmitter into your product, the choice between using a pre-certified RF module, non-certified RF module or designing your own transmitter from scratch is not easy. In this post, I want to persuade you that if you design multiple products containing similar RF transmitters, designing and certifying your own RF module is one…

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The EMC Pre-Compliance Testing Guide

If you’re looking to improve your chances of passing EMC testing and would like to lower the risk of failure, pre-compliance testing is a great way to go. There are a ton of options and with a focus on emissions testing, this guide aims to comprehensively break them down according to several factors such as cost,…

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Essential EMC Design Rules To Avoid The 7 Most Common EMC Failures

An EMC FastPass reader recently asked me what the top EMC design rules were that they could implement on their product to maximize the chances of passing FCC and CE testing. There’s no doubt that there are countless ways to fail emissions and immunity tests, and lack of good EMC design techniques were the problem more often than not. Regardless of…

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