PCB Cost Reduction and EMC – A Cautionary Tale

Published with permission from Flame Boss, a manufacturer of aftermarket meat smoking controllers. In this case study, we’re gonna walk through some of the dangers of cost reducing your circuit board in terms of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance. The subject is a 4 layer design that originally passed EMC testing which was then reduced to a 2…

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The Anechoic Chamber Guide For EMC and RF (Wireless) Testing

If you’re considering an anechoic chamber (some call it an EMC chamber) for in-house emissions, immunity or wireless testing, this guide will help you to determine the important factors to consider when you’re choosing a make and model. But even if you’re not in a position to purchase a chamber, this guide will help you to…

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Anechoic Chamber Removal – Huge 10m ETS Lindgren Chamber

Semi anechoic chamber ETS lindgren removal disassembly relocation

I recently branched out and bought two separate anechoic chambers (one 5m and one 10m). Here’s a video of us improvising a bit with scissor lifts to take down the 35 ft, >1 ton posts that support the chamber. I’ll be following up shortly with a couple of blog posts on anechoic chambers in general…

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CE Mark Guide for Electronic Hardware Products

Homologation Conformance Compliance CE Marking How to

I’ve been asked a lot recently by several hardware manufacturers to help them through the process of getting the CE Mark or to help to cost reduce the process. This article is a guide for hardware manufacturers (NOT importers or distributors!) who want to do all the right things to legally get their product into…

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