About EMC FastPass


andyI created EMC FastPass with a sole mission: To help electronic design companies get through EMC and RF certifications faster and cheaper.

I was a senior hardware design engineer for many years and took a trip to the dark side and founded an FCC listed EMC test lab (Island Labs). I got to learn the ins and outs of EMC testing as both a design engineer and a lab manager. I can really appreciate the industry's frustration with the EMC/RF testing process.

My aim is to assist the electronics design industry to focus on making products that make money, and minimize the impact of regulatory red tape wherever possible. To achieve this, I'm creating the tools, information and assistance that you need to design products that pass testing first time around. I also offer regulatory guidance to help you avoid or minimize 3rd party testing wherever possible. It's expensive and time consuming, and I've seen failures lead to product launch delays of weeks or even months. Over the 3 years that I managed my test lab, I noticed several areas that many manufacturers consistently struggled with. EMC FastPass takes this behind the scenes knowledge and feeds it back to industry so that you can avoid many of the common pitfalls. I want to close the loop in knowledge between test labs and the electronics industry by making available the tools, advice and resources you need to be able to pass first time.


Andy Eadie.

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