EMC Directive - Testing Standards Finder Tool

Use this tool to work out which EMC standards apply to your product

What is the EMC Directive?

The EMC directive covers most electronic and electrical equipment destined for sale in the EU. It is important to comply with the EMC directive if you need to CE Mark your product.

The EMC directive aims to limit radiated emissions from electronic equipment to avoid unwanted usage of the electromagnetic spectrum. It also aims to ensure a minimum level of performance of equipment when subjected to electromagnetic interference (i.e. susceptibility).

Most people who are interested in the EMC directive are really just interested in which EMC testing standards apply to their product in Europe. There are an obscene number of testing standards and it can be quite hard to track down the EMC directive testing standards that apply to your product.

To help solve this problem, EMC FastPass have developed a tool specifically to help you find the EMC testing standards that apply to your product. Use this tool to search a comprehensive list of EMC testing standards that apply under the EMC directive.

How to use the EMC Directive testing standards finder tool


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