The Anechoic Chamber Guide For EMC and RF (Wireless) Testing

Partially dismantled 10m semi-anechoic chamber

If you’re considering an anechoic chamber (some call it an EMC chamber) for in-house emissions, immunity or wireless testing, this guide will help you to determine the important factors to consider when you’re choosing a make and model. But even if you’re not in a position to purchase a chamber, this guide will help you to…

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The In-House EMC Test Equipment Guide

EMC Pre-Compliance Equipment Guide

I was thinking the other day about what EMC test equipment (what I call ‘gear’) I would like to have on hand if I was an electronic product manufacturer. Then I got to thinking how I could use that test equipment to save on 3rd party EMC testing costs. In this article I’ll go into some details…

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Is a Design Change Without A Re-Test Too Risky?

EMC Re-test decision

The frustrating question often came up when I was designing electronic products whether a minor hardware change to an already tested product would mean we’d have to go through EMC testing all over again. I could never find a concise answer on the net, and the test lab never seemed to give us the full story. We didn’t…

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