Electronic Product Certifications – The Moon’s Eye View

EMC RF wireless safety certifications testing

With the emergence of crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter coupled with the explosive growth of easy to use hardware development platforms like Arduino™, a new wave of electronic products is being unleashed around the world by creative enthusiasts who may otherwise be relegated to garage tinkering. For these makers and hardware startups, the road to…

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Intrinsically Safe (IS) Design, EMC Troubleshooting and Antenna Matching Courses Just Added!

EMC troubleshooting antenna matching intrinsic safety training courses

Hey guys, I’m happy to tell you that 2016 is shaping up to be a great one already! I’ve partnered up with some great instructors to bring you 3 new online courses in Q1, 2016. Here’s what’s coming: EMC Troubleshooting and Pre-Compliance Testing For Product Designers Learn how to solve EMC/EMI failures and perform cost effective…

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[Video] PCB Design for EMC Compliance + 3 EMC Fail Case Studies

  Please note: This video has been moved to our new online training platform. You can access it by clicking here. In this in-depth video, we’ll be looking at some cool stuff: Get a birds eye view of the EMC problem as we map out the many branches of EMC Learn how to avoid 3 of…

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New EMC / EMI Online Design For Compliance (Emissions) Training Course

Electromagnetic design for compliance online course

If you haven’t already heard, I’m excited to touch base to let you know that we’re launching a new online EMC design for compliance course, beginning September 8th. It’s a really in depth course covering design for radiated and conducted emissions compliance, aimed at design and layout engineers as well as engineering managers and compliance engineers.…

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